He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

September 27, 2007

Unofficial (Officially Lame) Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I can hardly be arsed to blog this week:

1. Work is still busy, and it's sucking up my energy.

2. Which is not helped by the fact that I'm on a break from my ADD supplements while I see if fish oil is enough to control my symptoms. So far, it's not.

3. Which is neither helped by the fact that my doctor put me on a new med that makes me sleepy, without warning me that it could make me sleepy so that I'd know to take it at bedtime and not first thing in the morning, duh.

4. None of which is helped by my allergies being so bad that none of my meds are having much effect on them.

5. The new TV season has started, but I don't have time to add any new shows to my lineup, so I can't blog about those.

6. And the shows I do watch are mostly being recorded for me to watch on the weekends, so I can't blog about those, either.

7. Other than that, we're too busy and broke to have anything interesting going on currently, so....

8. I haven't worked on my novel in weeks, either. Every time I blog instead of writing my novel I have guilt.

9. Mostly, I'm just in a mood to be passive and take things in.

10. Things like TWoP recaps, which I'm spending entirely too much time reading these days.

11. Ultimately, it all comes down to time, or a lack of it. I started this list hours ago, and it's sat here at number 10 since well before lunchtime.

12. I have a headache.

13. Did I already mention my lack of foc--ooh, look! Shiny!

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