He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

October 30, 2007

TV Boyfriend Tuesday - Vampire Edition

I finally got Husband to sit down with me and start watching season 5 of Angel this week. And so of course I have to kick it off with...

The Boys

Their Progenitors

And Their Legacy


manoah said...

Oh Girlfriend. *wipes drool*

While I will always be true to my first TV Vampire Boyfriend (Spike!), my new TV Vampire Boyfriend is *guh*.

Loves me some Mick. Mmmmm, mmmmmm.

Thanks for that.

jeanjeanie said...

You are most welcome. It's not as though finding a good picture of him was a hardship.

I admit, I only watched the first episode of Moonlight, and, Jason Dohring notwithstanding, it didn't grab me enough to squeeze it into my already packed TV viewing schedule. If it gets enough raves from the fan community, though, I'll probably put it on my Netflix queue once it hits DVD.

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