He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

January 10, 2008


There are rumblings in the web o' Jean. I just installed a new template over at Growing Up that I'm quite pleased with (piggy!), and I also just announced plans to expand that site into three blogs.

Once those blogs are established enough to be eligible for paid posting, I'll probably make that site my money-grubbing site and stop ad-blogging here. I'm not promising that I will, but I probably will, because I don't really like doing that here.

I also have an idea for yet another blog to review local restaurants. That one will get updated about as often as we eat out, which isn't really all that often. Though maybe this will give us an incentive to get out more. At any rate, since most of y'all aren't local you probably won't really care about that one.

Meanwhile, this blog will continue to be shallow fluffy fun. I found a new template I'd like to install here soon--it's SHINY! I still love the look of the current one, but my ADD is finally getting tired of it, and I'm in love with the colors of the new one I've found.

And if that's not enough of my prattle for you, there's always also the writing blog, and my LiveJournal (drop me a line if you friend me over there so I know you're genuinely friendly and I can safely friend you back), and I'm also on Ficlets and Facebook now. I might even break down soon and jump on Twitter.

At some point I'm going to put all of this on a homepage somewhere. Yes, this is the year that my "web presence" will finally achieve some kind of cohesion and organization. Betcha can't wait.

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