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January 14, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles

I actually carved some time out of my busy weekend to write up some blog posts and movie reviews on my Alphasmart, and for once I was going to be prepared, yo. But then I went and left at home the cord necessary for uploading said blog posts and reviews to my computer. This is how attempts at preparedness usually go for me. So I am, as usual, flying off the cuff this morning.

But at least I'm blogging!

Anyway. So, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I checked it out last night, and liked it well enough to plan to watch the second episode tonight. I initially just tuned to watch Summer Glau kick some ass --and I suspect I'm hardly the only one there-- but the story also grabbed me. I thought Lena Headey's performance was a little overwrought in places, but she was a believable bad-ass mama bear with the weight of the world on her shoulders. I liked Thomas Dekker's John Conner way more than I've liked any previous incarnations--sorry, but Furlong bugs. The bad Terminator was sufficiently scary, I like how it's tying into the movie mythology, and Summer, of course, was note perfect. And she kicked ass. What's not to like?

I especially like how the Terminators have gotten more sophisticated in their ability to imitate humans, and the hints that Summer's character might have some inkling of Replicant/Cylon emotional evolution going on, or at least the potential for it. I admit it, I eat that stuff up, so if they're going to go that route they'll undoubtedly have a pretty devoted following in me. I could already get behind a T-Summer/John 'ship, although I suspect that they're going to go the way of having T-Summer pose as his sister, which is also okay by me, as it's sure to provide some wacky hijinks, and this show could definitely use some comic relief.

So, in short: I approve. Which probably means Fox will announce Tuesday that it's canceled, writer's strike be damned.

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Garnigal said...

I watched it last night too and was pretty impressed. Summer got that dead-eye thing down really well, and it makes the flashes of humanity much more impressive.

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