He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

July 8, 2008


I like my coffee like I like my man: pale, sweet and full of soy.

coffeeI went to the doctor yesterday. Everything she told me basically boiled down to me needing to get better sleep. To that end, I decided to stop drinking caffeine in any form after high noon. I could drink as much as I want before then, but noon was going to be my cutoff. I started out today determined that this would be so.

Noon came and went, and then two more hours past that, and I held strong. Then the sleepiness hit me, and I remembered that I'm taking a first-time home buyer's class tonight with my husband (it's a funding requirement), and also that I took a new allergy med last night that, while making breathing wonderfully easy, is not helping so much with the staying awake. You can surely guess what happened next, because I am weak. My coffee will just have to be strong for me.

Now I have no reason to go to Vegas.

The one thing I really wanted to see in Las Vegas was the Star Trek Experience. But according to Wil Wheaton, it is simply not to be. Sadness.

I guess there's still the New York, New York roller coaster... eh, I'd rather go to Six Flags.

I wrote a story.

A piece of flash fiction, actually, just a little over 500 words. It came to me while we were watching Twilight Zone over the weekend -- we watched so many, I couldn't even guess which one inspired it -- which makes sense, because it's a Twilight Zone-y kind of story. I like it, though. It's called "Mamie's Pie Shop," and you can read it here.

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