He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

July 7, 2008

Hilarity ensues.

Intentionally Hilarious

Bear Grylls would also bite the head off of Gollum for a snack. And I would watch and retch while my husband laughed at me.

Hellboy gets around -- I saw the Ghost Hunters one during the Twilight Zone marathon this weekend, and I laughed and laughed. I love Ron Perlman.

Unintentionally Hilarious

Things I swear I'm really going to get around to doing someday, honest:

Organizing my Flickr account, with tags and commentary and an upgraded account and everything.

Posting all of the crap we need to get rid of before we move on eBay or Craig's List or Freecycle.

Cleaning the mud dauber nests off of my bike and airing up the tires so I can start riding again.

Dry cleaning my wedding dress.

Finishing my novel. I really mean it this time.

America is older now.

We celebrated our Independence Day by giving our potential new house another look-see and writing up an offer. Of course, as soon as we walked out of the realtor's office, Husband started having second thoughts about that house and seeing the merits of another one we looked at that he thought he didn't like as well. But our offer was pretty low and is likely to be rejected or countered, anyway, so I guess we'll just wait and go from there.

After that, we went home, where my Big Sis and BIL were waiting with their adorable and adorably precocious granddaughter, and I was thrilled, because I really cannot get enough of that kid. Then we ate hot dogs, and then we both lay down for a long, long nap, and then we ate more hot dogs and drank some beer and watched some Twilight Zone and teased the cats while listening to our neighbors shoot off fireworks. Not the most exciting July Fourth I've ever had, but certainly not the worst.

I hope you guys had a good Fourth, too, regardless of what country you live in.

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