He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 28, 2009

La la la laptop!

Dear readers, I am so very stupidly happy to announce that I am blogging at you from my very own office while typing on my very own laptop, and it is shiny! Literally! There is not enough YAY!!! in the world. Longtime readers know how long I've coveted both my own computer and my own workspace, and now I must be a covetous sinner no more.

The only down side--not that I'm about to complain, not even a little--is how long it takes to set up a new computer and get it configured just right. Between obsessive online comparison shopping the last few days, finally picking out THE ONE and ordering it, picking it up from Best Buy this morning, setting up the wireless router, and installing all of my programs and setting up my preferences and transferring my files...let's just say today is an unofficial holiday known as New Computer Day at my house, because that is all this day has been devoted to, and it's not looking like I'm going to get a ton of work done this day.

But that's okay! Because I have a laptop! And my own office! And I will get SO much work done from now on, with my own laptop, in my own office, that it will totally make up for losing an entire day of work to computer setup. Even better, I can take this computer with me and work while I watch TV or hang out with my husband or supervise my puppy in the back yard or lounge in bed. I'm so 21st Century! And I am unstoppable.



Erin Palette said...



.. now I expect to see you online more often! :P

Erin Palette said...

PS: Good for Hubby for allowing you to get the laptop.

Verification word: Pugaters. Sounds like either a regional snack or the name of a local ball team.

Jenn said...

Hooray! I know just what you mean about getting it all set up and everything downloaded and installed! It took me forever to get mine set up too. Not to mention that Windows had its own billion updates to download that require reboots of the computer, slowing everything down.

So glad that you are no longer covetous!

manoah said...

Huzzah! You + laptop = World Domination!!!! Ok, not really, but you know what I mean.


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