He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 23, 2009

Laptop Dance

I think I'm going to finally, FINALLY, have my prayers answered by getting a laptop. Maybe. We have some money, thanks to some really excellent federal stimulus tax breaks, and we're trying to be responsible with it. We already paid off the remainder of our car loan, and a big chunk of what we owe on our major appliances. We need to put some up for car insurance, and I'm waiting for the vet to call me back with an estimate on getting the cats' teeth cleaned, and of course we need to hang onto a significant chunk of it to live on in case I don't get any clients and/or a job any time soon. We bought a stationary bike--one with arm handles that Husband will be able to use, and that was at the top of our priority list, because aerobic exercise that he can do without falling on his hinder is pretty hard to come buy. I think that pretty well covers our needs, currently, so now we're down to wants. I want a laptop. He wants a new gun.

Yes, we are gun people. I wasn't, until his uncle took us target shooting out in the country a couple months ago, and now I am. We already own a gun, but he feels this is insufficient for the somewhat rough area that we live in. I'm inclined to agree, but mostly I just like to shoot at inanimate objects, and having a new gun to shoot at things sounds like fun. But not as much fun, or as necessary to me, as a new laptop.

We're hoping we can work out a way to buy both. I found the laptop I want on Buy.com for under $500, but it's factory refurbished, and Husband doesn't trust refurbishments. Best Buy has it for $580. Which might be doable, if that was all it was, but then there are Geek Squad fees for fixing Vista, and Cox fees for hooking us up with a wireless network, so whatever we pay for the laptop will have $100 or so on top of that.

But it's time. I need my own computer. I need to work in my own office. And, you know what? It's my turn. After two nice guitars, a pricey amp, and a lot of home gym equipment for him, it's time for me to get the big ticket item that I covet.

So, yes. I will be getting a laptop soon. And then I will be unstoppable.

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bojojoti said...

Happy, happy laptop!

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