He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

November 27, 2009

Stuff and Things

I had every intention of dragging the Christmas decorations in from the garage tonight, but instead I ended up spending the last several hours setting up my new baby/nursery blog, Project Little Bit. I'll try to find time to write several posts over the weekend, and start posting officially on Monday, but it's not totally bare if you'd like to take a sneak peek before then.

Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving, dear readers (or a lovely Thursday, dear non-American readers)? I did. We spent it at my in-laws, where we stuffed our faces and hung out and watched movies and had a relaxing, food- and fun-filled time, and I was promised much future spoilage of the grandbaby-to-be.

Speaking of which, here's a state-of-the-pregnancy update for those of you who are concerned with these things (and those of you who aren't can just skip the next couple of paragraphs): I'm in approximately my seventh week, which, according to the charts they gave me at the clinic, means that Little Bit is starting to grow hands and feet, still has a tail, and is about the size of a blueberry.

Since finding out about our little blueberry, I've been eating better and forcing myself to work out regularly (it helps to have motivation), which has helped a little with the fatigue. Now, as long as I get in my afternoon nap, I do okay the rest of the day. I haven't had any morning sickness so far, thank you Lord, and I generally feel pretty good, albeit tired. The only really troubling thing is [TMI ALERT!] constant and at times almost unbearable booby pain. I hope so hard that it doesn't last through the whole pregnancy. Tylenol and a heat pack help a little, but, man. Owwwww![/TMI]

And now it's the weekend, which will be filled with pre-mom-coming-over house cleaning, followed by mom coming over for dinner, followed the next day by, hopefully, putting up Christmas decorations, with a break in the middle to have lunch with my oldest BFF. And also hopefully the afore-mentioned blog article writing, and, of course, napping.

How was your Thanksgiving (or Thursday), dear reader? And what have you got planned for the weekend? Are you putting up holiday decorations yet, or at all? Do tell!


Helen said...

Hey! Congratulations!! I've been mostly without net access the past couple weeks (even at work!) and it looks like I missed some big news! I tried commenting on the PLB blog but it didn't work.

Any names picked out yet?

J. M. Bauhaus said...

Thanks for letting me know about the commenting over there. I can't imagine why it's not working. :/

Anyway, thanks! And it looks like you're all moved in to your new digs? Congrats on that, too!

We're starting to debate names, but thankfully we've still got a long time before we have to agree on anything.

JulesP said...

Oh I remember the booby pain! It gets better once they get through growing to insane proportions. (I went up almost three cup sizes) But, then when your milk comes in after the baby is born this pain will seem like nothing, because THAT hurts!!

J. M. Bauhaus said...

Oh yay, stuff to look forward to!

Valerie said...

Congrats on the upcoming peanut! My husband and I just found out that we too are expecting our first, so I am enjoying reading your pregnancy updates. Makes me feel normal!

J. M. Bauhaus said...

Eeeeee! Congrats, Valerie! We can be pregnancy buddies!

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