He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

May 23, 2010


Notes from the Twitterverse to spice up this blog salad...

16:24 is having a stabby, tear-filled, hormonal kind of day. #

16:32 Went to buy Sudafed & when they ran my DL it brought up Matt's name w/ my info. Now I have 2 call the narcotics bureau to straighten it out. #

16:33 And my rage at the meth heads for making things so complicated for those of us who just want to breathe is cranked up to eleven. #

16:40 RT @kpwerker: "The way to make a living by blogging is to seize the paying opportunities that come your way because... bit.ly/boHA98 #

17:21 cannot keep a new t-s hirt stain free for more than a week. #

23:46 Blog: A New (Old) Template and Other Changes - www.sleepyjean.net/2010/05/new-old-template-and-other-changes.html #

00:18 I'm fried. Do I look for new Doctor Who (not that I would dl illegal torrents *cough* *shifty*) or go get in bed and read? Or re-watch Glee? #

00:53 Bed/book combo wins by virtue of the fact that I'm starting to nod off. Good night, Internet. #

03:07 So naturally, the moment my head hit the pillow I became wide awake and full of id eas. #

04:37 Nodding off again. Gonna go take another stab at sleep. In other news, my About page is up: www.sleepyjean.net/p/about.html G'night! #

12:32 You're welcome! RT @tawnafenske: Love when ... someone I don't know said nice things about me. Thanks @jmbauhaus! bit.ly/9ytqVG #

12:45 Church tonight. I'll have to wait to watch the Lost finale on Hulu. Fair warning: if you spoil me I will cut you. /church lady #

13:11 RT @marjoriemliu: RT @MingNa: Silly, but funny. RT @TIME The plot of Lost, e xplained by cats | su.pr/1t5tBp #

13:18 is all out of caramel coffee creamer. Sadness. #

14:36 These are amazing. Some good story prompts, too. 1 pic possibly NSFW. Early 1900s in Colour - All around the world: su.pr/1DlclV #

14:52 RT @DavinaPearson: RT @simplywriting: THE PROCRASTINATOR'S GUIDE TO WRITING THAT THING YOU NEED TO WRITE - ht.ly/1OLu9 #

15:07 Time to sign off and go do yard work (the storm clean-up never ends) before church. Later, taters. #

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