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May 24, 2010

Goodby to Lost (No Spoilers)

I know I said I'd be in head down mode getting work done today, and I will be, but first: I watched the Lost finale this morning, and my head is swirling like an uncorked pool of glowing goodness, and I have to empty it out.

Wow. That was one heckuva series finale, you guys. Part of me thinks it was a perfect, emotionally satisfying ending. Part of me is going, "Seriously, Lost?" and the final third is scratching my head and going, "Um, what, now?"

That last two-thirds is pretty much in agreement with Cat Valente's Lost World rant about how this show could never make up its mind about whether it was science fiction or fantasy and yet tried to claim that it was neither of those things. That part of me is a little let down at the lack of solid answers about the how of it all, and a little dubious as to the explanation given for the why. This was definitely not a perfect show. It went for the emotion at the expense of story logic so often that if you try to apply logic it collapses in on itself and becomes one giant, sucking black plot hole.

BUT. The emotion got to me and won me over, especially here at the end. All of the characters, these flawed and broken heroes and anti-heroes and villains, all of whom I'd come to care about despite the fact that they were often unlikeable, reached their correct destinies and arrived at an ending that left me smiling and crying at the same time. And without spoiling anything I'll just say that the symmetry of the final shot was sheer perfection.

For all of its flaws, Lost gave us six seasons of thrills, some fantastic and complex character arcs, and occasional moments that were nearly as perfect as that last one. All in all, it was six seasons of great TV, and I'll miss it; but ultimately, it gave me an ending that made it easier to let go, which, I think, was the point.

Thank you, Mr. Abrams, Mr. Damon and Mr. Carlton, and all of the creative staff, cast and crew for making this show happen, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

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