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June 21, 2010

MyNoEdMo: Changing Gears

So, yeah. I went ahead and decided to back-burner The Hero Factor for the time being and work on something else. There is a very good chance that, while working on this new something, ideas will begin to come to me for how to fix THF. If they don't, all is not lost -- I've already got some ideas on how the plot thread I'm having trouble with will work better in its very own story instead of part of a larger one.

But moving on, for now: the new project is a mainstream (yes, that's right: no fantasy or science fictional elements whatsoever, and yes, this is a first for me) romantic thriller, code name: Identity Crisis. The idea came to me sometime last year, apparently so fully-formed that instead of merely jotting down a few notes I sat down and typed up a detailed synopsis. I've spent the last couple of days getting my head into this story as I flesh out the main characters, and will spend the next couple sketching the supporting cast and figuring out a good starting point. Once that's done, I'll start writing.

Obviously, I'm not going to write this in the remaining nine days of June. So my goal for the remainder of MyNoEdMo is to finish the preliminary work and get into a habit of writing every day. I guess it's also obvious that I'm not going to be able to start the Great Agent Hunt this year as I'd hoped, but I'd rather put it off another year and try to get representation for a book that works instead of futilely sending out queries on one that doesn't.

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