He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

December 16, 2010


That's the word that describes how I felt when I saw Erin Palette's blog post, and I felt it even more when I saw the e-mails from Paypal telling me that people actually gave. You guys... you guys made me cry, all of you. And in the good way, which is a nice change from the other kind of crying I've been doing a lot of lately.

I have to tell you that just last night, I was telling Matt how, when my dad died, and even further back when each of my grandparents passed, how my family was overwhelmed with people showing up and knocking on our door to bring food and love and sympathy and company, to make sure we were taken care of and that we knew we weren't alone. That hasn't happened with his mom's passing. His mom and step-dad valued their privacy and didn't have a ton of friends and neighbors and church family and what have you. My family is close by and they've given emotional support and let us know that they're available if we need anything, but otherwise most of our friends are long distance. So last night we were really feeling isolated and alone.

But you guys have given us the Internet equivalent of friends and neighbors knocking on our door bearing casserole dishes and comfort. And today we also received an outpouring of love and support from some of those long-distance friends. So now we're assured that we're not alone, and that means so, SO much to us both.

Thank you. Erin's right--I don't like to ask for help, especially this time of year when it seems like everybody's struggling to afford their holiday obligations. But I can't deny that we need it. The cremation wheels are already set in motion, and we can't undo that, but we've made our peace with it, so it's okay. But we have other needs, focused primarily on taking care of the living. I don't know whether we'll incur legal fees in getting power of attorney over Matt's step-dad's finances. There will be the cost of getting his things moved to the nursing home, and getting the rest of the apartment cleared out. And we still have to plan some kind of memorial service for Mom. I told Rob that we'd try to get a nice urn for him to keep her ashes in--I have no idea how much those cost. So the expenses are piling up, but you guys have helped to offset them, and Matt and I are going to sleep a little better tonight because of that.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.


Sunbrae said...

Oh, Jeanie, I'm just now reading this. I'm so, so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. <3

Erin Palette said...

I'm glad I could help, sweetie pie.

And just you wait! Phase 2 of "You WILL have a Merry Christmas, dammit!" is starting up even as we speak.

Remember... when you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you. And we're gonna carry you as far as we can.

jmbauhaus said...

You know, you really have done way more than your part. I hope you know how much we both appreciate you. *BIG HUGS*

Erin Palette said...

I do know. And I'm not finished yet, so just stand back! :D

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