He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 20, 2011

365: 11 and an Oven Report

Same ol', same ol':

Weight - 178ish
Mood - Relieved

Relieved because I figured out some software that's making the last few videos for my blogging course much easier to make and saving me about 10 hours of extra work.

This 365 project is already starting to get a little tedious, and it's only the second week. I'm hoping that the pictures will start to get more interesting as A) I lose noticeable amounts of weight and have wider wardrobe options and B) Matt starts practicing his photography (he's already declared his intentions to force me to model -- way to provide me with added workout incentive, Honey!) (no, we haven't bought the camera yet; he's waiting for the business registration paperwork to go through so he can get sales tax exemption first).

I haven't done a progress report on Project Oven Repair in a while. It's going well. I won't weigh in for this week until Friday, but I think my total loss is probably somewhere around 11 or 12 pounds so far. I've increased my jogging intervals to 150 paces from 140, and from six intervals to seven. I'm still doing more walking than jogging, but that gap is getting narrower.

My ADD has turned a corner, too. This happened last week, about mid-week, when suddenly I was able to concentrate again and my to do lists stopped making me want to go lie down because it hurt to have to make a decision about what to work on next. So the tons and tons of fish I keep eating, plus the five grams a day of fish oil I'm taking, are doing the job. I actually feel more focused and clear-headed now than I ever did taking stimulant meds, albeit slightly more scatterbrained, thinky and forgetful. Oh, and I've pretty much completely weaned myself off of caffeine, too, save for the occasional cup of non-decaf white tea. Let's hear it for fish oil!

So it's going well. I feel like I'm pretty well detoxed, and that alone would make a big difference if I got pregnant again any time soon. I'm energetic and my overall mood has vastly improved. Although there are still moments of sadness, they don't go on for days like they did before I started this. I still need to lose about 30 more pounds before we start trying again, but I'm feeling the most hopeful about the possibility of having a baby someday that I've felt since before I lost the first one.

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Hope said...

Wow! it sounds like you are doing really, really well. Congratulations on making so much progress. :-)

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