He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 3, 2011

Birthday Outing (& Shape-up Shoe Review)

Today my mom took me out for an early birthday treat. It was so nice to have an excuse to get out of my daily t-shirt & sweats combo and actually put on an outfit and do my makeup and style my hair for a change, and to get out of the house and just be girly for a few hours. And of course to be doted on by my mommy.

First she took me to Kohl's, where she bought me this purse (in deep metallic plumb) and a pair of Ked's shape-up Mary Janes that I can't find on the site but are very similar to these, except beige with light pink accents. I know they were on the web site, because I picked them out online before we went and was so determined to get them that when I couldn't find them on my own in the store I tracked down a salesperson to come help me find them...who then quickly found them in a spot I'd walked right past at least five times. Hi, I'm a salesperson-bothering dumb-dumb. But at least I got my shoes!

I admit that I was skeptical about them when I tried them on. I expected them to be harder to balance on, but they were actually pretty easy to walk in. I decided to get them anyway, and kept them on for the rest of the day. We did more shopping at Kohl's and then stopped at three more stores after we grabbed lunch, and by the time we were leaving store #2, my inner thighs were starting to burn a little, so the shoes were definitely doing something. I also noticed myself standing up straighter in them. So I guess they don't throw off your balance enough to be really noticeable, but just enough to make you unconsciously work to stay upright. I don't expect them to replace my regular workouts, but I think they'll give my overall fitness routine a little boost, especially if I wear them on days I don't have time to work out (and don't sit at my desk all day).

Mom also made me cry by giving me a star sapphire necklace that my grandmother had originally gotten her and that she's worn all my life. She has jewelry that she's designated for me and each of my sisters that she'd been planning to leave to each of us in her will, but she decided she'd rather enjoy seeing us enjoy them while she's still with us. So we're getting them for our birthdays this year (pretend you didn't read this part if you're my sister, okay?). Of course I have mixed feelings about this. I've loved this necklace since I was a little girl and it means a lot to me to have it in my possession, but I also don't like to go anywhere near the subject of my mom not being here someday. So I almost refused to take it, pointing out that she's still got plenty of years left to enjoy wearing it herself. But she said at this point she'd get more enjoyment out of me wearing it, so... I guess it's mine now.

I got her back by showing her my song, which made her cry... which, wow. My mom hardly ever cries at anything.

So all in all it was a perfectly lovely day out, which I really needed. It almost makes me not mind getting older.



Ed said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks! :D

Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks! :D

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