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August 26, 2011

On Birthdays and Anniversaries and the State of Project: Oven Repair

This Tuesday was Matt's birthday. He's caught up with me on age now, although he likes to remind me of that four-and-a-half months difference between us. Somehow, I think if at any point in your separate lives you were BOTH simultaneously in cradles, then the cradle-robber title doesn't apply.

Tuesday wasn't really the best day for a celebration (as most Tuesdays generally aren't) what with him having loads of homework and me busy putting the finishing touches on my new web site, so tomorrow we'll be going out for his birthday to see the Fright Night remake (David Tennant, yay! I really miss him), after which we'll probably bring home some takeout and eat cake and ice cream.

Personally, I've been indulging in a little too much cake and ice cream lately. Well, ice cream. There hasn't really been opportunity for cake. Well, and it was FroYo instead of actual ice cream. But still. INDULGENT!

I'm basically on a break from Project Oven Repair right now. I haven't totally gone off the rails--I'm still sticking to the Zone diet, for the most part, and I'm still working out regularly, though not as regularly as I need to be. But a few weeks ago I reached a point where I was literally sick of most of the healthy foods I was eating -- just the thought of them was making me nauseous. And I wasn't actually losing, despite all my best efforts, which was, to say the least, discouraging. I realized that I needed a mental break from worrying about all this stuff, so for the last few weeks I've basically been eating to maintain and allowing myself to enjoy the occasional indulgence without any guilt.

I'm planning to continue this way until our anniversary in a couple of weeks, and then I'm going to crack down and be really strict with myself. I'm kind of bummed about this; I was originally hoping to have all of the weight off by our anniversary, and mark the beginning of our fifth year of marriage by tossing out the birth control. But that is clearly not happening.

So instead, starting the Monday after, I'm going to try to go a week or two without any bread or grains and stick to fruits and veggies for all of my carbs. I'm considering a foray into Paleo Diet territory, but I need to do more research there. I'm also working up from working out every other day to more or less every day.

Hopefully, this break I'm on will not only renew my mental fortitude for tackling this last twenty pounds, but also hopefully my system will be sufficiently shocked into compliance once I take away all its high-glycemic foods again that the last twenty pounds will come off as quickly and easily as the first twenty did.

At any rate, I really want to be done losing weight before the holidays, so then all I'll have to worry about through the winter is not gaining weight. I also really want my body to be ready to start TTC this fall. 'Cause we're not getting any younger over here.

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Hope said...

Good for you for taking a break. I'm on a bit of a diet and exercise break, too, right now while we're not actively TTC.

Happy Anniversary (a little early)!

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