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August 28, 2007

Product Love: Blister Block

This is NOT a sponsored post. I pimp because I love.

I've been meaning to tout this for a while now. Band-Aid brand makes this stuff called Blister Block stick. I picked some up at Wal-Mart (in the bandage aisle) a couple of months ago out of sheer desperation when I forgot to wear some socklets with a particularly blister-inducing pair of shoes. I totally didn't expect it to work, but like I said, I was desperate.

Well, it worked. This stuff works so well that I've given up socklets and those sandal-fitting toe covers (if there's a name for those, I have no idea what it is) altogether. Instead I rub this stuff on in all the spots where my feet are prone to blisters, and whaddya know, I don't get blisters. Awesome.

It seems a bit pricey (especially for a cheap-skate like me), but a little goes a long way, so one stick should last quite a while. My one stick has gotten me through sandal season so far, and it's not even close to running out.


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