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August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3: Once More With Feeling

Thirteen Things about the Buffy Singalong

So apparently, it's Buffy week here at Sparkle Motion (what's that you say? Every week appears to be Buffy week at Sparkle Motion? Too true. And what's the downside of that?), and since I haven't gotten around to properly recapping my night at the Buffy Singalong, I'll give an overview of it here.
  1. An MTV News clip they showed to give us an idea of what to expect described the Buffy Singalong as "a less slutty Rocky Horror." This turned out to be an apt description.

  2. It could stand to go longer. Maybe show more fanvids, or add another round of "Buffy-oke"? At $10 per person (plus online purchase fees), I expected a little more; and from a fan perspective, it was just over too soon.

  3. Speaking of fanvids, when I squeezed in around Fenwic's computer monitor three summers ago to watch sdwolfpup's "Coin Operated Boy" video (below), I thought it was awesome, but I never dreamed I'd eventually see it on a big theater screen.

    (P.S. Her Take A Chance On Me video is drenched in even more awesomeness.)

  4. The audience at my showing was packed with Spike fans. I felt right at home.

  5. Except for my husband, who prefers Angel, and who was attending his very first ever fandom event, and as such had no idea what to expect. He was an excellent sport about it all.

  6. We arrived early to the midnight showing and they still had plenty of goodie bags for everybody, but they were already out of audience participation instruction sheets by the time we got there. So we found ourselves with bags full of goodies we didn't know what to do with.

  7. But then the host read the directions to us before the show, so it all worked out okay.

  8. During "Under Your Spell," the host threw real pink daisies into the audience. Husband caught one and put it in my hair. Awwwww.

  9. I was, as usual, more of an observer than a participator. I sang my heart out along with the musical, and used the props they gave me, but I didn't do any of the stand-uppy or hand-holdy-with-strangers parts.

  10. I did, however, win a candy prize for answering a trivia question before the show (Q: Who was the first recurring character to appear on Buffy? If you know the answer (without looking it up), leave it in the comments. I was amazed at how many people got it wrong.).

  11. The props: a little rubber monster finger puppet, a champagne popper, a set of plastic vampire teeth, a bottle of bubbles, and a kazoo.

  12. The monster puppet was for going "Grr! Arrgh!" at the projector guy to signal him to start the show (and for singing along with the little Mutant Enemy ghoul at the end). The popper was to, aherm, "finish" for Tara at the end of her unfinished song. The teeth were supposed to be worn when Spike vamped out during his big number. The bubbles were to be blown during Dawn's ballet number, and the kazoo was to help Buffy sing "Heaven" on key. We were also instructed to shout "Hotness!" when Spike first appeared on screen, and "Shut up, Dawn!" pretty much any time she opened her mouth. This last task especially was met with great enthusiasm.

  13. It was one of the most fun things I've done this year, and totally worth staying up late for.

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Valerie said...

Wow, first recurring character? Hmmm...I am trying to think who was billed as a regular in season 1 and who wasn't...argh!

I'll guess Joyce or Harmony (but I'm not a good guesser).

Now I off to look up the right answer!

jeanjeanie said...

Heh. There were a lot of D'oh!s and forehead slapping and shouts of "Of course!" when I called out the right answer. I bet you'll have the same reaction once you look it up.

J. Lynne said...


Valerie said...

So I just read through the Buffyverse Dialogue Database for the transcipts of Welcome to the Hellmouth and D'oh! Of course! How did I forget that opening scene (eyes husband, who keeps promising to buy Buffy Seasons Box Set as present for wonderful wife/forbids wonderful wife from buying it herself) ?

And I see that the Sing-a-long has added a Houston date, though only midnight showings (eyes husband with eye of blackmail)! YAY!

Garnigal said...


Garnigal said...

Duh, valerie beat me to it.

jeanjeanie said...

Valerie looked it up, so that doesn't count.

Yes, Darla! You win a cyber-cookie.

What was more unbelievable than how many people got it wrong was all the questions I either got wrong or couldn't think of the answer to. Clearly, it's time for me to pull out my DVDs and rewatch the entire series.

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