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November 14, 2007

Angel credits, and some mind-bending Marsters movie casting news

First, this fan-made credits sequence for the new Angel comic made me warm and happy inside:

Second, James Marsters will play Piccolo in a live action Dragon Ball Z movie.

Er. Um. Piccolo? Really? Yay?

Not that I don't love Piccolo, but this is SO close to the fantasies I used to have of him playing Vegeta. And yet so far...


Valerie said...

Ok, random Spuffy related question...in the spuffy video I linked below, what episode has the fight scene shown around second 17? And why do I not remember that scene?

Seriously, it's driving me crazy. Any ideas?


jeanjeanie said...

Season 5, Family. Spike's fantasizing about fighting Buffy while he's having sex with Harmony. This exchange should jog your memory:

Spike: You want me, Slayer, come and get me.
Buffy: Oh, I'm coming. I'm coming right- (lunges up toward him)

Cut to Spike and Harmony in bed.
Harmony: -now!
Spike is on top of Harmony, covered by a blanket, both of them naked and panting. Harmony caresses Spike's face.
Harmony: What are you thinking?
Spike: All about you, baby.

Valerie said...

Thank you!!! I was seriously having mental block. I tend to focus on all the Tara-centric stuff in Family. I was ready to start scanning my DVD collection to find the answer!

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