He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

December 12, 2007

Twenty years of wracking my brain finally laid to rest.

Today I finally tracked down the title of a movie I've been trying to find out for decades. Of course, most of my "research" consisted of randomly trying to describe it to people and hoping they'd remember, which wasn't as effective as it sounds. I did this with my husband when we first started dating, and he was positive it was Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, but I was just as positive that wasn't it.

After reading yesterday's Vine over at TN, it occurred to me that somebody, somewhere on the Internet must have tried to track down this same movie at some point. That began hours of obsessive searching through 1970s horror titles and synopses (to the detriment of my NaNoFiMo word count), until finally I followed a link to The Flick Chick, where on the second page I found my not-so-holy grail of movie titles: The House of Seven Corpses. I'm 99.9% certain that this is the movie. It was the dead cat that cinched it for me.

When I was an impressionable grade-schooler in the early eighties, my dad and I had a regular Saturday night ritual of watching the local "Creature Feature" together in the dark. A lot of those movies were pretty forgettable, but this is one that I remember scaring the living crap out of me. I don't even know if I could finish watching it, I was so terrified. Of course, now that I'm all grown up and jaded, I'm sure it will inspire more giggles and groans than anything, but even so, it is now at the top of my Netflix queue. And that's one less mystery that will keep me awake at night from now on.


Fenchurch said...

Glad to hear you guys are okay! I was wondering how you were faring and realized I hadn't seen you post anything for awhile... but apparently it's just that the feed for your blog over on LJ isn't working anymore.

*makes note to actually check blog from time to time*

Stay warm!!

jeanjeanie said...

Heh, probably because I moved the blog. I tried to figure out how to update the feed or create a new one, but I are ignurint.

I've got an LJ now for all my personal blather. I friended you. Be my friend!

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