He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

May 19, 2008

Movies, and etc.

Only a few weeks ago I was in such a fantastic mood, feeling girly and pretty and wanting to take the time to dress myself up with coordinated outfits and accessories and makeup and hair curled just so, and it was fun and I felt fabulous. And then death and illness and one rainy, stormy week after another, I'm back to can't-be-bothered mode: hair out of my face, clothes that are clean and don't clash, and I don't stink. This is my current standard for leaving the house.

I took slightly more care with my appearance when we went out Friday to see Iron Man, mainly for my husband's sake, and for the sake of not scaring away his friend. Though, honestly, I don't think either of them noticed or cared. Boys.

The movie was every bit as much fun as all of the reviews I'd read led me to expect, and will be a keeper once it hits DVD. Even though it has Gwyneth in it. Gwyneth generally bugs, but she didn't in this movie. At any rate, this movie made me care about Iron Man/Tony Stark, which is something no comic or animated series has ever been able to accomplish. And now I'm really looking forward to the Avengers movie.

Also looking forward to, based on previews shown before the movie (minus Indy and Batman, because those are a given): The Incredible Hulk, which I didn't even know about until a week ago, and looks about a million times better than the first movie; The Happening - it looks scary, and I loves me some M. Night (yes, even The Village and Lady In the Water), and although I could do without his propensity to play key characters in his own movies (Hitchcockian cameos are one thing; see: Stan Lee, but, c'mon.), the trailer instilled a NEED to know what THE HAPPENING is.

I guess all of this is to say that I'm back. Actually, I think it mainly says that I'm a great big dork. But also that I'm back. Hi.

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Garnigal said...

I've been vibrating for several months now, waiting for Indy. Haven't see Iron Man yet (I am made of suck), but it does seem like it'll be a good movie summer.

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