He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

June 9, 2008

Weekend highlights

Randomly, and most notably:
  • Went house hunting. Found two possibilities-a great house in an iffy neighborhood and an iffy condo in a great neighborhood. Hopefully if we keep looking we'll find a happy medium.

  • Sewed a liner for my aforementioned new purse. Realized I don't have the right color thread to attach said liner to said purse. Sad.

  • Watched BSG. Reactions: LIKEWHOA! And also, SQUEE!

  • Had mixed feelings about "The Doctor's Daughter" -- both the ep and the character.

  • Worked out on eliptical to The Takeover: Episode 1 and then took a bubble bath to Steampod: Episode 1. Enjoyed both heartily. The workout, less so.

  • Worked on memorial Fizzgigg scrapbook and cried a little more. :(

  • Daydreamed about house in item #1, with its great back yard and great big laundry room that would double perfectly as a craft room.

  • Watched Anne of Avonlea and cried even more. Still crushing big time on Gilbert Blythe. May have to read those books again.

  • Tried Baked Tofu recipe. Was less than whelmed with result. Mixed it in with homemade fried rice, which made it better.

  • Made my own oatmeal packets, which took about a minute and saved me a bunch of dollars. And also are healthier.

And...that was my weekend, in a nut.

How was your weekend?


Garnigal said...

Squee to house hunting. We're in the waiting game with ours - we've submitted an offer (the third on this house) and are anxiously biting our nails.

Well, not that anxiously. Like you, we have a place to live and no set deadline for vacating it, which makes it a bit easier. But now that we've gotten the ball rolling, we don't want the inertia to set back in.

jeanjeanie said...

I didn't know you'd submitted an offer. That's hella exciting. I'll cross my fingers for you.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that we don't have a deadline and can take our time. We're so eager to move out of our current situation that we're tempted to submit an offer on this house. It really isn't the greatest location, though, so we're forcing ourselves to keep looking.

I kinda hate house hunting. It starts out fun, but it's exhausting. We don't have the energy to keep it up for very long.

Garnigal said...

Using the online listings saved us - we narrowed down what we really wanted without driving all over and dealing with agents. Also, we already knew we wanted to stay in our neighbourhood, so that helped us narrow it down too.

Now we are searching the listings to figure out how much to list the townhouse for!

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