He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 26, 2010

Monday Fail

I meant to wake up early (for me) today and kick things into high gear and show my professional life who's boss. Instead I overslept and had to scramble to eat breakfast and wake my brain all the way up and de-stinkify my office-slash-cat toilet in time for a conference call, only to log on in the nick of time to see that the client postponed it a couple of hours. So here I am blogging instead. So much for taking this work week by the horns.

Also pwning me today is the weather, who's cloudy skies and cooler temperatures are sucking away all of my motivation to keep up with my walking regimen. Maybe it's just nature's way of telling me to stop talking about doing pilates again and start doing them already.

I guess I should move them from my Wanna Do list over to my Must Do list. See, the other day when I was feeling like there's not nearly enough balance in my life between doing things for other people and doing things for myself, I made those lists, both on the same notebook page with a line drawn down the center. On the Must Do side is all of my work and home obligations, and on the Want side are all of the personal projects I keep putting off in order to meet those obligations...

...and I just dribbled coffee on my shirt, because that's just the kind of spaz I am...

...with the idea being that for every three things I cross off of the Must side I earn myself an hour to devote to the Want side. The problem, of course, is making myself stop working on the Must Dos long enough to redeem the Want hours. Although, blogging is on the Wanna Do side, so I guess I'm redeeming part of it right now.

And lest I give anyone the impression that I'm some kind of workaholic, I should disclose that a lot of the time I could be working on the Wanna Do projects is instead spent on things like napping and watching TV and reading about TV on the internet. So, yeah, I don't need more time so much as better time management and discipline. The impending summer hiatus ought to help out with that.

In other news, my insurance said they would cover the thrombophilia testing, so I had that done on Friday, when they drew so much blood that I really thought they should have given me some juice and a cookie before sending me on my way. I probably won't learn the results until my next appointment mid-May. Meanwhile, I've become slightly paranoid about the possibility of keeling over from an embolism, and have started taking a daily aspirin to thin my blood, just in case. And typing that just made me feel so old.

I still have an hour to kill before my conference call. I think I'll spend it on the Wanna Do list. Because I've earned it.

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