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May 26, 2010

Ask Me About Online Freelancing

Google's keyword tool suggests that several variations on "work at home opportunities" and "how to make money online" would be good keyword topics for this blog. Mixed in there is "easy money." Ow, Google, you made me laugh so hard I almost burst my spleen.

I do indeed work at home and make my money online. But I'm here to tell ya, it ain't easy. Still, for me, it's preferable to the alternative - forcing my ADD self and my whacked out circadian rhythms to keep a regular eight to five job and sit in one place for eight hours a day was neither good for my health nor my sanity.

I'm sure I'm not the only one for whom this is true. I've been at this for about a year now, and while I'm certainly not an expert, I've definitely learned a few things about starting up and running a moderately successful freelance business, and I have some knowledge to impart. Not just yet -- I'm still doing the Deadline Dance and don't have nearly enough time to get into it with this post. But this isn't a blatant excuse to exploit some key search words to manipulate traffic -- okay, not just an excuse for that. It's also me announcing my intention to write on this topic in a way that's meaningful and possibly helpful to anyone considering taking the freelance plunge.

This is where you come in, dear readers. Do you have any questions for me on the subject? Any questions at all, from how I got started to what resources I use to how I manage my finances to... well, whatever's on your mind. Depending on how many questions I get, this could be either a single post or a whole series. If enough of you interrogate me, I might even turn it into an e-book, and if that happens, everyone who contributes a question will get a free copy. So tell me: what do you want to know about freelancing online?


Stevie said...

What area of freelancing is your expertise in? What technology do you recommend learning/knowing for what you do and how did you learn it?

Freelancers and Wholesalers Auctions said...

Hi I would like to know more about your and ur portfolios. Can you show that?

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