He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

May 26, 2010


Notes from the Twitterverse to spice up this blog salad...

19:17 Round 1 to Crystal. #

19:25 Old skool REM emo from Lee! *love* #idolchatter #

19:29 RT @mopie: WTF: old lady got into my sister's car, asked if she was Armenian, then asked for a ride home. My sister, confused, complied. #

19:32 Lee took me back to college. Crystal took me all the way to 10th grade. #

19:39 Oh, wow. They're actually letting them have a GOOD song for their post-win single this year. I am flabbergasted. #

19:51 Mamasox killed it. I hope she wins. (But I won't be mad if Lee does.) #

19:58 I'm done. Time for Glee (which I won't be live-tweeting, so no worries, spoilerphobes). #

21:20 Best. Cover of Poker Face. EVER. #glee #

22:40 Headache's back. :( #

23:50 RT @omarg: RT @SchatzWSJ: RT @MichaelTurk: The last episode of #Lost, as explained by one of the writers. bit.ly/acquNT #

11:13 I need this. RT @Lifehacker: How to Reboot Your Sleep Cycle and Get the Rest You Deserve lifehacker.com/5548150/ #

11:14 RT @TomatoNation: Let's get ready to rumble: spoiler etiquette on The Vine - tomatonation.com/vine/the-vine-may-26-2010/ #

11:34 Blog: Ask Me About Online Freelancing - www.sleepyjean.net/2010/05/ask-me-about-online-freelancing.html #

12:32 Zoiks! Lighting's forcing me to unplug, and my battery life is pitiful. Hopefully the storm will pass before my laptop dies. #

12:56 All clear. I'll sure be glad when storm season's over. #

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