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May 21, 2010

Follow Friday: Blog Edition

YAGO's  ArrowIn case you're not familiar with the concept, Follow Friday is a Twitter tradition (one I haven't actually remembered to participate in for a very long time) in which Twitter users recommend other Twitterers to follow. Well, seeing as how it's Friday, and how since Wednesday I've been too busy with behind-the-scenes type Build a Better Blog challenge assignments to actually WRITE a blog post, and also how I saw Big Fat Deal do this earlier and thought, "Hey, what a great idea for a quickie filler post, I shall steal it!", and also also how these are some great blogs that deserve some recognition, I decided to bring the tradition over here. And so I give you Follow Friday: The Blog Edition, wherein I introduce you to two blogs that I recently discovered and added to my Google Reader feed:

Kim P. Werker - I first stumbled across Kim's writing at the apparently defunct blog, The Creative Life, and followed her from there to Twitter, where this week I followed one of her tweets to her personal blog. Circuitous! Anyhoo, once I got there I stuck around, because this woman is a crafter, a writer, AND a Whedon fan (who even had the honor of interviewing Herr Whedon for her crochet web site. Any gal who does public speaking engagements wearing her very own homemade Jayne hate is a gal after my own heart.

Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing - Tawna Fenske is a romantic comedy novelist, one that I'd unfortunately never heard of (but will definitely check out her stuff as soon as I have some money in the book budget) until her post You ARE a Real Author, Dammit! was linked by... er, um. I don't recall where I found the link, actually, but I'm thinking it was either from one of Mur Lafferty's or Cat Valente's blogs (or Twit-streams). Anyway, if Ms. Fenske's novels are as funny and entertaining as her blog tends to be, then they must be good reading, indeed.


Tawna Fenske said...

Hey, thanks so much for the mention! I would never have known about it had Google Alerts not notified me.

And never fear, my debut doesn't hit shelves until Aug. 2011 (with the next two following Jan. 2012 and Aug. 2012) so you have plenty of time to hoard the requisite $7.99 :)

Thanks again!

Jean Bauhaus said...

Good to know, but dang, that's a long wait. That part must be excruciating for you.

You're very welcome for the mention. Thanks for commenting!

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