He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

June 16, 2010


Notes from the Twitterverse to spice up this blog salad...

16:12 Things I miss about working in an office: vending machines. 'Cause sometimes 4:00 rolls around and you just want some chips. #

18:15 Grabbing any excuse today to sit outside and enjoy the late spring breezes. We won't have those much longer. #

18:42 Well, hello, sudden influx of mom- & pregnancy-bloggers who've started following me. I'd follow back, but I'm still recovering from my loss. #

18:44 I'm sure you're all fine, fabulous and fascinating women, but some of your tweets are triggerin. Congrats to the moms-to be among you, tho. #

19:14 R T @mattsingley: RT @joshgroth: This. Is. Awesome! a mashup of Facebook and MySpace - FaceSpace theoatmeal.com/facespace/ #

22:19 Trying to get started on a new scene. Not going so well. #amwriting #mynoedmo #

22:39 Worried I haven't given my B-plot hero a convincing reason to fall in love with his heroine. #amwriting #mynoedmo #

23:11 Dear Jean: if you finish this scene, you can have ice cream. #amwriting #mynoedmo #

23:51 Scene done. Time for ice cream! #amwriting #mynoedmo #weallscreamforiscecream #

14:33 Naturally just as I sat down to work, a sudden thunder storm rolled in. Too much lightning to plug in my laptop. #

14:41 Eeee cute! RT @steviepuckett: @jmbauhaus You might want to see this! bit.ly/9s13Fy #

14:42 Wow, it's really coming down out there. Good thing there are no tornado watches or this wind would have me hiding in the closet. #

15:29 My battery died right after I sent that last tweet. Storm's over now, safe to plug in and get to work. #

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