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June 1, 2010

MyNoEdMo Kickoff

It's June 1st, and if you've been paying attention, you know what that means: it's the first day of MyNoEdMo, a.k.a. my quest to finish editing the second draft of my novel, The Hero Factor, in 30 days.

The Set-up

I did most of the hard work already last year, when I went through my manuscript and applied Holly Lisle's One-Pass Revision Method to decide what things needed to be changed. I got as far as applying those changes to the first 13 scenes before life got in the way.

The Breakdown

That leaves 46 more scenes to either revise or re-write, including six new scenes that need to be written from scratch. The Math tells me that means I have to get through 1.5 scenes a day, every day from now through June 30th, to get this done. Obviously, the scenes that just need simple edits are going to go much faster and easier than the ones that need extensive revisions or have yet to be written at all, so it makes sense to lump the fast & easy ones together and get through as many of those at a time as possible to leave more time for the more difficult scenes. With all of this in mind, here's the plan:

Day 1: Scene 14 (simple edits) & 15 (major revisions)

Day 2: Scene 16 (simple edits)

Day 3: 17 (new scene)

Day 4: Scene 18 (new scene) & Scene 19 (simple edits)

Day 5: Scenes 20 & Scene 21 (combined into one new scene)

Day 6 (Sunday): Off

Day 7: Scenes 22-24 (simple edits)

Day 8: Scene 25 & 26 (merged together)

Day 9: Scene 27 (minor revisions)

Day 10: Scene 28 (new scene)

Day 11: Scenes 29 - 31 (simple edits & minor revisions)

Day 12: Scenes 32 & 33 (major revisions)

Day 13 (Sunday): Off

Day 14: Scene 34 (minor revisions) & 35 (major revisions)

Day 15: Scenes 35 - 39 (simple edit)

Day 16: Scenes 40 & 41 (minor revisions)

Day 17: Scene 42 (simple edit) & Scene 43 (major revisions)

Day 18: Scenes 44 - 47 (simple edits & minor research)

Day 19: Scene 48 (major revisions)

Day 20 (Sunday): Off

Day 21: Scene 49 (minor revisions & world-building)

Day 22: Scene 50 (simple edit) & 51 (major revisions)

Day 23: Scene 52 (minor revisions)

Day 24: Scene 53 (total re-write)

Day 25: Scenes 54 - 57 (simple edit)

Day 26: Scene 58 (total re-write)

Day 27 (Sunday): Off

Day 28: Scene 59 (total re-write)

Day 29: Scene 60 (simple edit)

Day 30: Celebrate & collapse

With Sundays off to avoid burnout and room for flexibility toward the end, I think this is doable. Of course, it helps that all of my appointment television is done for the summer (except Glee, but I'll probably be watching that on Hulu for the rest of its season).

The Players

A couple of few people have signed on to help keep me accountable and be held accountable for their own projects in return. Follow their progress at their blogs:
You can also follow our progress, cheer us along and even join in on Twitter. Look for hashtag #mynoedmo.

1 comment:

coffeecolouredworld said...

I'm checking in here late in the day and probably won't blog until tomorrow but I've gotten new words on "paper" this evening. I think I'm right at 1,000 words for the day so far and I'm going to finish the scene I'm working on before I call it a night.

Wow am I impressed with your schedule. I couldn't do that. Of course I'd have to know how many scenes are in my manuscript which I don't. Building in a day off is a good idea, especially if you know you're prone to burn out.

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