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June 4, 2010

MyNoEdMo Progress: Days 2 & 3

My scheduled revisions for Wednesday and Thursday didn't go according to plan. This is mainly because I forgot to take into account Wednesday night church when I made the schedule. It turned out that work AND blogging AND church AND editing a scene AND writing a brand new scene was just one AND too many.

So I got the new scene written yesterday, which was a minor miracle. Apparently the sleep I haven't been getting had finally caught up with me, making it extremely difficulty to stay awake and focus on my work. As a result, my client projects took much longer than they should have, and at the end of the day I had to choose between blogging or writing the new scene. So I postponed the post I had planned for yesterday and wrote the new scene instead.

Which still left me behind, as far as the original schedule was concerned. But then I realized that the two new scenes I had scheduled for today and tomorrow could be combined into one scene. So I revised the editorial schedule, and now if I can just get Scene 18 written tonight, it'll all be hunky dory.

See how Coffeegirl and Sean Locke are coming with their projects!

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coffeecolouredworld said...

Apparently I haven't had enough coffee today because your first couple of paragraphs exhausted me.

Please don't set yourself up for failure by overplanning. Seriously. That's always been my downfall, at least with non-writing projects. I always, always figure something should be a quick project, three days later I'm still trying to finish the "quick" project.

Now having said all that, brava! for adjusting and keeping on keeping on.

I haven't blogged yet, but will.

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