He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

June 4, 2010

MyNoEdMo Spotlight: Cynthia Thorp

Each Friday in June (for as long as I have participants to fill the slot), I'll be spotlighting one of the fab and fabulously motivated folks who signed up to keep me company on this month-long goal-chasing quest. If you'd like to join us in achieving your own big goal by the end of June, and subsequently see yourself and your blog spotlighted here, it's not too late to sign up!

Name: Coffeegirl88, aka Cynthia or Cyn

Blog: It's a Coffee Coloured World

Tell us a little about yourself:
A little about me . . . okay I'm drawing a blank on that one. Oh wait, I'm creative, artistic, and short. Yeah that about sums it up.

Tell us about your project:
My project is one of a couple of reunion stories I have. This one is the reunion of Tatiana, a costume designer, and Rick, a musican/actor. They met a decade ago when Tatiana was first in college. Life/careers pulled them apart and now fate has put them together on the same project.

What do you hope to accomplish by taking part in MyNoEdMo?
I want to get this manuscript to at least 80,000 words. In the process I hope it's polished enough that I can start the agent hunt in full.

What's your biggest challenge about getting it done this month?
It's the beginning of summer and well, the heat will pull all creativity from me if we have too many warm days. Did I mention I live in a house with no AC? Yeah, 90+ degree days are brutal here.

Any parting words?
I wish us all luck and much good fortune.

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