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June 2, 2010

Six Free Online To Do List & Project Management Tools

Last month I shared my Six Strategies for Getting Your To Do List Done. This week I thought I'd point you to six online tools to help you take your task list strategizing even further. While I'm more of an old-fashioned pen and paper kinda gal, sometimes online lists can come in pretty handy. They can't get lost or destroyed by cat puke or spilled coffee, for one thing. And there are days when the built-in e-mail reminders that come with some of these programs are necessary for my survival.

Let's start with the three I sometimes use:

1. When you just need a basic To Do list, Google Calendar's built-in task list gets the job done. You can assign tasks to specific project lists, and set due dates that are automatically added to your calendar. If you need a reminder, however, you have to manually create an appointment on your calendar to send you a reminder.

2. Another simple list is Ta-da List by 37Signals. It has a super-simple interface that goes a couple of steps beyond the Google option with sharing options and RSS feeds. It doesn't have any reminders, so if you need help remembering to get stuff done, this might not be the one for you.

3. Remember the Milk, on the other hand, has about all of the options you could ask for. List organization can be as simple or as complex as you require, and it has apps to interface with your Google calendar, your iGoogle home page, your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, or even your offline desktop.

Here's three more that I haven't tried, but they look promising:

4. Todoist claims to be the best. Features include, but are not limited to, a built-in calendar, Gmail integration, hourly data backups and SSL encryption for sensitive data. The interface looks relatively simple and easy to organize.

5. ToodleDo promises ease of use, collaboration, reminders and customization, among other features. They even offer a handy chart to let you compare them to the competition.

6. ZoHo Planner appears to be a simple project management and collaboration package. One thing this one has that the others don't is the ability to add images and file attachments. If you're looking for a free and simple collaboration tool, this might be the one.

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