He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

July 3, 2010


Notes from the Twitterverse to spice up this blog salad...

16:04 She was actually a little freaked out at first, and it was sad, and I had to love on her. But now she's just indignant and it's funny again. #

16:41 Kitty's back in the saddle. twitpic.com/21uxvb #

21:19 Accidentally knocked Matt's crutches over onto Niblet's head. That poor cat's really not having a good day. #

22:31 Got my blog ready. Now I just need to post in it. bit.ly/c3ahzW #

00:25 Blog: No Follow Friday for you! bit.ly/9R2odW #

00:34 At last, time to get my weekend on by... going to bed. #howexciting #notreally #

09:57 Woke up earlier than planned. Now I have time to kill before Matt wakes up and I can start cleaning. Read the Internet or watch Netflix? Hmm #

10:14 Seems like a good time to start re-watching Lost from the beginning. #

13:17 For Saturday folks - Blog: The Task Wrangler Is All New - bit.ly/9R2odW #

14:41 Put down the Internet and get off the couch, Jean. You h ave a house that needs cleaning. #

14:47 RT @TaskWrangler: For Saturday followers: How To Hire a Virtual Assistant - bit.ly/9jnlBp #

15:35 Husband just fed me roasted sausage w/ peppers, potatoes & onions for lunch. Dee-lish. #

15:37 LOL! RT @steviepuckett: Almost 6 y/o told 2 y/o to go back to sleep this morning because "it's so nutritious." #

15:46 Blog: America! Heck Yeah! bit.ly/b90hPP #

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