He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

February 11, 2011

So My Sister Doesn't Send Out A Rescue Expedition

I got a text from my Big Sis all worried about me and Matt, so I guess I'd better post a quick update. Although I'm not sure anybody will actually see it, since I went and screwed up my domain name and all.

We're snowed in. We were stuck here for a while after last week's Snowpocalypse, but then on Saturday I managed to dig out the car and go to the store to re-stock some supplies. Which was a good thing, because then it snowed again, and we've been stuck here all week. We've still got plenty of food, but we're both starting to get cabin fever. It's starting to thaw, though, so I should be able to dig the car out again this weekend.

Meanwhile, I've been busy reorganizing things and developing some products over at The Web Wrangler and laying the groundwork for their marketing campaigns. One of those projects includes a new blog, Coffee & Soft Pants, that will focus on freelancing and working online. This is mainly because I realized that neither of my current blog audiences are really the right target audience for my e-book about how I started my business on a budget of zero dollars, so I need to go out and find that audience. Anyway, if you're interested in my business goings-on, here's a vlog entry I did about it.

I wish I could say that things are moving right along, but they've kind of stalled out this week. I'm not sure if it's because I overworked myself and now I'm a little burnt out, or if it's the cabin fever with a touch of SAD, or a combination of all of the above, but this week I've been struggling with a lack of energy and motivation and a fuzzy-brained feeling that's making it really hard to focus. I've managed to push through it to a certain extent, but mostly all I'm good for lately is lying around and staring at shiny moving pictures. It's a bit frustrating, with so much on my plate, but I guess my body's trying to tell me that I need a break, and I should probably listen.

So that's what's up lately. We're mostly good, albeit a bit frazzled and stir-crazy, and I clearly need to work on the whole work/life balance thing. I think that will get easier once I get these products launched.

And how are you?

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