He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

March 24, 2011

About that song, part 2

Here's the melody, with caveats:

1. I had to play it on my bass, because my acoustic is out of tune and needs strings. Imagine it about an octave higher.

2. I'm still learning said bass, so I had to slow down the tempo. Imagine it a little faster.

3. I didn't have a mic or an amplifier, so I had to put my laptop's built-in mic right up to the fretboard, and pluck really hard to get the recorder to pick it up. So... imagine it sounds less weird and totally amateurish.

But anyway, I think this will help you get the gist of how the song goes. And if you missed it, the lyrics are in the post right before this one.

Oh, and also I left out the second verse. So the tune here goes verse one, chorus, bridge, chorus.

Here you go.


Hope said...

I just listened to the melody while reading the words, to try and get more of a feel for the song, and all I can say is, wow. I hope you find someone to help you record a vocal version of it. It's *beautiful*. And very poignant.

jmbauhaus said...

Thanks, Hope! I'm glad you could get a feel for it even with my slow and clunky picking.

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