He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 10, 2011

365: 1

I just decided out of the blue to do a 365 project*, a year in pictures to chart the progression of my weight loss, my mood, and whatever else can be charted by taking a pic of yourself in the bathroom mirror every day (the cleanliness of my bathroom?).

Here's my pic for Day One. I resisted the temptation to change my shirt and put on a bra, to comb my hair or to clean the filthy mirror. I wanted to begin from a place of brutal honesty, and this picture pretty much sums me up right now: sad, unkempt and kind of pitiful.

Weight - 181
Mood - anxious
Bathroom - Defcon 3

Hopefully, as the year wears on I'll gradually become thinner and the expression on my face will become happier. Maybe I'll even become less frumpy and more pulled together. And dare I hope that by the arrival of pic #365, by some miracle I'll be sporting a big prego belly?

*Of course, seeing as how this is a totally impulsive project with virtually no forethought or planning behind it, we'll just wait and see how long, or how consistently, I stick with it.


Angie said...

I read an article about a guy who did this for years... personally, I think one year is enough. I'd try it now, but I's rather not watch my wrinkles appear daily. ;-) Thinking of you!

Jean Bauhaus said...

It remains to be seen whether I have enough patience and stick-with-it-ness to do it for ONE year. But I see people all over Flickr who do this every year. I think it will be helpful to me to be able to watch as my body changes, because I think I have some kind of dysmorphia that keeps me from being able see all of my weight when I look in the mirror.

Also hoping that this will give me an incentive to put on a bra and comb my hair every day. And keep my bathroom clean. ;-)

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