He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 10, 2011

Three Pete

I'm not the only member of the Bauhaushold to have a birthday this month.

Our fuzzy son turned three today. That might be drinking age in dog years, but that didn't stop him from acting like an excited human three year old when we gave him his present, that blue rope dog you see in the picture. I've never seen a dog who loves to get new toys as much as Pete does. I wish I took video of him getting his toy, but if you really want to see how he reacted, you can just look at this Christmas video from '09 (and get to see me topping 200 pounds after my first MC. Bonus!). That's pretty much his reaction to every new toy: dance and beg and dance and beg and then grab it and run back and forth through the house with it several times until he collapses in exhaustion and starts chewing it to death. I bet he could power a small town with the wind energy created by all that tail wagging.

Here he is in the "chewing it to death" new toy phase:

That is one happy birthday pup.

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