He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 15, 2011

365: 6

Dressed up a bit to go have lunch with my BFF and then run errands:

Weight - 189*
Mood - Good
Bathroom - Defcon 2

*Today was supposed to be my weekly weigh day, but I forgot to do it before I left for lunch, so it's getting bumped to tomorrow.

I actually liked my hair after I finished styling it, for the first time in a long time. So of course it was windy and rainy enough to destroy my hair before I even made it to the car. Oh well.

At least my BFF didn't care. It was great to finally get to have lunch with her. It was the first time we've been able to connect since we saw The Deathly Hallows Part 1 together back in November, before everything started going to hell. It makes me so sad that the responsibilities of adulthood make it so difficult to make time to get together with someone who's been such a big part of your life for so long.

Tess and I used to get together every weekend. There was even a time when we worked close enough that we could have lunch together every day. Not to mention all of the years we went to school together, going all the way back to first grade. Now I'm lucky to see her once every six months or so. But thankfully, we're the type of friends who, when we do get together, it's like no time has passed at all. I still hope we can figure out a way to hang out more often, though.

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