He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 16, 2011

365: 7

On my way to work out again:

Don't ask me what the heck happened to that picture on its way from my phone to my e-mail. I guess from now on I'll wait to make sure it uploads correctly before I delete it from my phone. Anyway...

Weight - 178*
Mood - Pretty darn good
Bathroom - Weird, that strange exposure made the toothpaste splatters on the mirror even more obvious.

*If I add 5 pounds to match what the doctor's office scales would say, then it would be 183. But I think I'll stick with my scales as the "official" weight, because that lower number is much more encouraging. At any rate, the important thing is that since last Friday, I've lost three more pounds. Woot!

Speaking of the doctor's office, my "pretty darn good" mood was a little dampened by coming home to find my lab results in the mail and finding out I have low HDL levels (it didn't give a number, the nurse just wrote "low" in the margin, and that I would benefit from exercise. Well, duh). I'm so suggestible that when I looked up the implications of low HDL online and read that it increases your chance of heart disease, I immediately started feeling chest pains. They passed, but I'm slightly wigged by the news. But only slightly, because I AM getting exercise, and losing weight, so this has got to be a temporary condition, right?


Erin Palette said...

Maybe it's the break in the picture, but you are looking SLIM! Stop wearing those tops that poof out below the bustline, they aren't doing you any favors, darlin'.

Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks, sweetums. I think it probably is an illusion caused by the funky pic, though. I'm still pretty dang hippy. And not in the crunchy vegan tree-hugging kind of way.

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