He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

July 16, 2011


First, some book news for those who missed it (and care): Restless Spirits is 50% off at Smashwords with coupon code SSW50 throughout the month of July. Also at Smashwords, last week I released my flash fiction collection, Fragments & Fancies: Ficlets, Flash Fiction & Shorts as a FREE download. So go check it out. Oh, and also, I added a Books page to this blog, so you can keep tabs on my current and upcoming publications there. Or you could always just follow my writing blog.

Other than that, the big news is that there is no news. Except that it's hot. It's so, so very hot that I have no energy and I never want to leave my air-conditioned house and I'm suffering from a serious case of ennui. Hello, First World Whine.

But that's pretty much where I'm at right now. I haven't been posting because there's nothing new to say. I'm still writing, I'm still working, I'm still working out, and every day is just like the one before, and did I mention that it's OH EM GEE HOT?

I did finally start taking NAC (I think I actually mentioned that already -- see? There's nothing new to say), and I don't know whether it's a direct result of that that I finally broke the 170 barrier. The last time I weighed, the needle on the scale hovered between 168 and 169. I'm wearing the heck out of my size 12 shorts, even though they're still a skoch tight, but they look better than my baggy-butt size 14s. And I only have 18 or 19 more pounds to go until I'll feel safe to TTC -- presuming that 150 will be low enough to get my insulin resistance under control.

I also recently came to a fairly monumental (for me) decision, but I haven't decided whether I should blog about that yet, so I'll just go ahead and be obnoxious and tease y'all about it instead.

Oh, and we're still -- STILL! -- waiting to see the specialist about scheduling Matt's gallbladder surgery. That appointment's been rescheduled twice already, the second time after we waited in the doctor's office for two and a half hours before they told us that the doctor got called into surgery and sent us home. So maybe we'll know something by Friday. It's sure a good thing he's not actually suffering any symptoms.

Of course this means that we still can't plan our camping trip, and with his classes starting in less than a month, it's starting to look like we might not get our summer vacation this year. Which I don't even want to think about right now, because I need this vacation so badly. We both do. Even if it's just for a weekend.

Oh, and again -- my 20 year high school reunion is happening this weekend. I'm not going. Originally I declined mainly because Matt's surgery was (and is) still up in the air and we're trying to keep our schedules open; but when I saw that they actually felt the need to write "No Fighting!" at the bottom of the invitation... I can't say I felt too heartbroken about missing it, and also, that pretty much sums up my entire high school experience right there.

How about you guys? Are you managing to beat the heat, or do you live in some magical wonderland where the weather is pleasant and mild?


coffeegirl88 said...

What?  No fighting?  Seriously, that has to be put on the invite?  Do I want to know what the previous reunion was like? 

Jean Bauhaus said...

I didn't go to that one, either, 'cause I was still angry and bitter. Now
I'm just... meh.

But suffice to say that the mean girls in my class would have made Cordelia
Chase cry. And then they would have kicked her ass.

Cynthia said...

Had girls just like that in high school, they were the popular crowd.   Actually I had little to do with those girls, but the crowd I did have to deal with were no better.  

I always figured if I could survive high school I could survive anything.

Oh and I haven't been to a single reunion yet.  Don't plan on it either. 

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