He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

August 10, 2011

I's Tired

I think I got about four hours of sleep this morning. I'd already been tossing and turning with my good ol' buddy insomnia for a couple of hours when a raucous thunderstorm moved in last night and started making a scary racket just as I was on the verge of finally drifting off to sweet, sweet slumber. At first I was overjoyed to hear the sounds of rain, because yay, end of drought! But then it grew loud enough to wake Matt and scary enough to make me get out of bed to turn on the TV and make sure a tornado wasn't bearing down on us. When I saw that it was "just" 60 mph winds, I turned it off and we went back to bed, where Matt went back to sleep and I went back to tossing and turning. At about 4 AM I got up and took half a Benadryl and read until it started to kick in, and I think I finally fell asleep around 5:00. And then my dog woke me up a mere two hours later, and it took me another long while to get back to sleep. So when I had to get up by 10:00 to get ready for "lunch" (aka, breakfast) with my mom and sis, you can bet your sweet bippy that I drank me some more coffee. Oh yes, I did.

Today is my Big Sis's birthday, so my mom took her out to lunch, as per tradition, and I was invited to tag along, also as per tradition. I thought it was just going to be lunch, and then I would be returned home where I could nap the afternoon away, but as it turned out they had shopping plans that took the better part of the afternoon. Which is actually fine, because I enjoyed myself despite running the risk of getting shot in the head by someone who mistook me for the forerunner of a zombie invasion.

It certainly didn't hurt that my mom took pity on my broke-arsed status and bought me these (except in this color) after she saw me admiring them, despite my protestations that I have nothing to wear them with and no place to wear them, for the simple reason that they were both cute and 80% off (plus another 30% with a coupon she kept brandishing at us) and therefore they shouldn't be passed up on principle. This might surprise some folks, but I've always had a bit of a shoe obsession, but I've forced myself to curtail it in the last few years. So it was definitely nice to get a pair of shoes for the sole reason that they're cute and they make me happy, and not because they serve a particular function or fill a necessary wardrobe niche (i.e., neutral dress flats). In short: CUTE SHOES! YAY!

Insomnia's not the only reason I'm tired. I'm also starting to be just plain worn out. We've had appointments every day this week, and it will continue until the weekend. On Monday, we had to trek out to the university campus 45 minutes away to pick up Matt's textbooks. On Tuesday, we had to go meet with DHS to see if we qualify for assistance with Matt's impending gallbladder surgery (good news: we do). Today was lunch and shopping, and tomorrow and Friday will be grocery shopping and other errands, which we've taken to splitting over two days because getting them all done on Thursdays has been exhausting. That might not sound like that much, but when you're used to hardly ever leaving the house except to go buy groceries a couple times a week, this much having to get dressed and get in the car in one week is a shock to the system. And my system is definitely looking forward to a day to stay home and get over this feeling of "Fire bad, tree pretty."

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Erin Palette said...

Hooray for cute shoes!

Hang in there, hon. Things are gonna get better for you soon, I just know it.

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