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September 4, 2011

Freebie: Leafy Notepad

I've decided to finally learn the rules for print design and try my hand at designing letterhead and stationery. If I get good at it, the plan is to add a Print & Paper section to my Etsy shop; but until then, I need to practice, and that means freebies!

Here's my first go: a notepad inspired by the coming season and my new blog design.

Click here to download the print-ready PDF. I followed VistaPrint guidelines, but it should also work fine if you send it to Kinko's, Office Depot or your printer of choice--or your very own laser or inkjet printer, for that matter. I recommend one of the former because they can also do the work of cutting and binding them into actual notepads. But you can also just print a few sheets and cut them out and have them around as loose-leaf notepaper.

As I offer up these freebies, I'd really appreciate feedback -- both on the design and, if you actually print them, how well do they print? Did I do the bleed margins right? Is the resolution all good?

Thank you kindly, and enjoy!


Ann said...

I used Vistaprint for my wedding invitations. They're great.

Jean Bauhaus said...

 I've ordered business cards through them, but I've never actually used them for custom print jobs. I've been pretty happy with my business cards, though.

Deborah Hull said...

Very pretty!  The resolution is good, but my printer cut off about 1/8" of the design on the bottom.


Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks, Debbie! Printer ink is such a precious commodity at our house right now that I can't test stuff like that myself.

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