He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

October 25, 2011

Button Quandry

I've decided to dress up to hand out candy on Halloween this year. I haven't worn a Halloween costume since the office Halloween costume contest back in 2007, when I went as a Crazy Cat Lady. My costume consisted of cat-print pajamas, a bath robe to which I'd pinned various stuffed cats so they were hanging all over me, fuzzy cat slippers, and of course, a head full of curlers. I lost, because nobody got my costume and just called me Pajama Jean, even though I was covered in cats-- eh, best not to revisit that particular frustration.

Anyway, for the next year I'd decided to go as Coraline's Other Mother, and I was in the middle of putting the costume together when my employers called off the costume contest. Since they'd announced that the first round of layoffs would be happening that November, they had the good sense to realize that a party would be in bad taste. So I abandoned my costume that year and I haven't bothered to dress up since.

But I'm feeling the Halloween spirit more than usual this year, and I'm tired of waiting until I have a kid as an excuse to dress up for Halloween, so by gum, I'm going to finish my Other Mother costume and wear it to answer the door to trick-or-treaters. It will be more my interpretation of the book version (similar to this), since the movie hadn't come out yet when I started the costume. I have a lacy black "mom" outfit, and I'm knitting a black version of Hallowig for the hair. The biggest challenge is going to be the button eyes. I tried gluing some buttons on a wire and bending it into a sort of button pince nez, but I can't get them to stay on, and I'm not crazy about the visible metal wire. I think next I'll try attaching them to the wig in some way with clear thread. If I can't get that to work I guess I'll try spirit gum, although I'd really like to be able to easily put them on and take them off between trick-or-treaters. So I might just end up painting them on. I really hope I can get real buttons to work, though.

I guess in the end it won't really matter, though, as long as my costume is recognizable. Now here's hoping at least some of the children who show up at my door will have actually read the book or seen the movie so I can enjoy some freaked-out reactions.

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