He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

June 14, 2013

So far, so good...

It's been two weeks now that I've stuck with my new commitment to healthy eating and my workout regimen. Of course, I haven't eaten 100% healthy 100% of the time, but my cheats were planned, except for when my husband surprised me by making baked ziti, but at least I managed to limit my portion size and restrict myself to one serving during the week, which was really hard, because that stuff is delicious. Tomorrow is a planned cheat day and you can be sure I'll be helping myself to leftovers.

I've been managing to get some exercise at least five days a week (three days of walking and two days of Pilates or other strength training), as far as intensive workouts go, but I'm trying to get SOME sort of movement in every day, even if it's just doing squats or heel raises in the kitchen while I wait for my tea to heat up. I'm also stretching every morning before I get out of bed, which has done a lot for my various aches and pains. It also helps me feel more awake and energetic without needing coffee to wake up.

Oh, and speaking of coffee, I made a decision about that. I love it too much to give it up completely, so I'm confining it to the weekends so I don't become addicted again. I'm making my weekend coffee treats really special by sticking to a good quality roast and cold brewing it in the French press, which makes the best iced coffee.

Anyway. It's too soon to notice weight loss, but I definitely feel better, overall. Mostly, I'm more energetic, and my acne has improved significantly. I've also been more clear-headed, at least until this week.

One thing that hasn't improved is my raging PMS hormones. This week they have been raging away, making me moody and unfocused and highly distractible, making it extremely difficult to get any work done. Thankfully, it's been a slow week, with my client projects wrapped up at the top of the week, so I was able to just go with it. I still feel bad, though, because I could have been using that time to look for new clients. I'd hoped to try to make up for some of all that distraction today, but as it happens I'm STILL ridiculously ADD and, on top of that, I have a headache that's getting worse by the minute. Seriously, it's becoming quite the challenge just to finish this post.

I'd like to make this blog a resource for women dealing with PCOS and the other stuff I'm dealing with, and not just a health progress update blog. I have some links and info I want to share at some point. I'll get on that once I'm no longer headachey and hormonal. For now, I think I'm going to go eat a snack to make sure this headache isn't blood-sugar related, and then lie down for a bit. Ow.

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