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October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Trick-Or-Treat edition

Thirteen Halloween Costumes I've Worn Throughout My Life

1. Raggedy Anne (age 4)

2. Wicked Witch (age 5)

3. Genie (age 7)

4. Princess Leia (age 10 - ANH side-bun version)

5. Hobo (11-ish?)

6. Zombie (13)

7. Vampire (14... and also many times throughout my twenties - this tends to be my default costume when I'm not feeling particularly creative)

8. Zombie Prom Queen (15)

9. Freddy Kreuger (16...it was for a high school carnival spook house; I owned a replica of the glove, which pretty much made me Freddy by default, gender notwithstanding)

10. One-half of Milli Vanilli (17...my friend Tess was supposed to be the other half, but she chickened out. Lame!)

11. Just Got Out Of Bed, Desperately In Need of Coffee Woman (20...and I admit, this was just an excuse not to have to get dressed for work that day)

12. Random Sunnydale High School Student/Victim (31)

13. Crazy Cat Lady, a.k.a. "Bedtime Jean" (last year)

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1 comment:

Janet said...

#7 me too LOL! It's a great standby :-)

Oh, and I agree...Dean is HOT!

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