He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

April 15, 2010

Writer, Schmiter

I've been out of practice for any kind of writing besides stream-of-conscious personal posts for so long now that I feel like I've forgotten how. I've got some writing projects that are way overdue, and I promised myself that today would be the day I crossed them off of my To Do list; but as I sit here and try to work on them, it's like I just stare at the screen and go "Uh der... me don't know good words." Is it possible to go so long without writing that that part of your brain just breaks down, like a car that sits unused in the driveway for too long? I guess it's more like a muscle, one that needs to be exercised regularly or else it atrophies. My pro writing muscle feels pretty atrophied right now. Probably the best thing to do is find some writing exercises to help get it functioning again.

Sleep would probably also be a good thing. I didn't get much of it last night. I went to bed sufficiently tired, but for some reason, just as I started to drift off, I woke up feeling really anxious and jumpy, and it took forever to get back to sleep. And once I did I never did get into a really deep sleep, until late this morning, right before Pete decided to wake me up to let him outside (why he always decides I'm the designated morning letter-outer, and never Matt, is a secret to be locked up in his tiny little Chihuahua brain forevermore, I suppose). So I am a literal and true Sleepy Jean today, and both I and my writing muscle would probably do well to take a nap.

Also, it's supposed to storm tomorrow, and I can't stop thinking that I should mow my yard before that happens (you already can't tell that I just mowed last Saturday), which is distracting as heck.

All things considered then, I suppose this is how the rest of my day should go: put the writing aside and spend the next couple hours on some of my web site projects instead, eat lunch and take a nap, then go mow. Then tonight, after I'm cleaned up and rested up, practice some intentional writing with lower stakes (i.e. that I'm not getting paid for and therefore it's okay to suck), before taking two Benadryls and getting a good night's sleep. Hopefully this will jump start that writing muscle -- or am I back to the car metaphor again? -- and I can take on the paid copy tomorrow, when my brain feels less broken.

Cross your fingers for me. And if you know of any good writing exercise web sites (focusing on non-fiction right now, but fiction would probably help, too) that might help jump start me, shout 'em out in the comments.

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