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June 19, 2010

Flash Fiction: Hollywood After Dark

I'm hunting for some notes I wrote a while back on a story idea I'd like to flesh out. So far I'm not finding them, but I did find this. It's not a flash fic so much as the beginning of something that never went anywhere.

Hollywood After Dark

From the moment Angelina outed herself as a vampire, America should have seen it coming. They were beautiful--all that selective breeding ensured that--and eternally young. Of course vampires were going to take over Hollywood. It wasn't so much that the Religious Right was up in arms over it--they never cared for Hollywood, no matter who was running it. It was the shock and awe from the rest of the country--the living majority, at any rate, although they were increasingly in danger of becoming a minority these days--that seemed a little ridiculous. It wasn't as if they didn't have time to prepare themselves.

The diet and beauty industries were the loudest voices of dissent, naturally. They no longer controlled the entertainment industry's standard of beauty, and that was killing them. You couldn't get any work as a performer these days without opening a vein for someone, and once you were turned, that was it. No more aging, no more weight gain or loss... no Jenny Craig or Botox or lipo or tanning salons or crazy fad diets, unless of course you counted being confined to the red stuff for the rest of... well, ever.

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Stevie said...

Cool concept!

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