He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

June 18, 2011

Project Oven Progress Report

Well, I'm down a couple of pounds since last weekend, so the changes I made to my diet (cutting a block of carbs at each meal and adding a block of monounsaturated fat) must be working to get me off of that plateau. This is encouraging, especially considering I haven't worked out since Tuesday.

I started working out with my Big Sis this week (she teaches the rest of the year, but during the summer we're usually workout buddies), and we did great the first couple of days, but then I had to skip Wednesday because of Matt's doctor's appointment, and then I had to skip Thursday because we had a ton of errands to run, and she had to skip Friday because she had her grandkid that day. I'd intended to work out on my own Thursday and Friday, but on Thursday my period hit with a vengeance and I've felt like crud ever since, with some of the worst cramps ever, and that's saying a lot. Clearly, my PCOS isn't anywhere close to going away.

I've also been feeling run down and mildly nauseated the last few days. I've been wondering whether it's because of my period or if it has to do with the changes in my diet. But with the exception of Monday, when I made myself sick by overdoing my workout in the noonday heat, I felt okay until Thursday. So I guess it's all my uterus's fault. As usual.

Dear uterus: can't we please just get along?

Anyway, today I finally dug out one of my late mom-in-law's glucose meters and tested my blood sugar. After fasting four hours, it was 100, which is the bottom of the insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome range, which isn't good. But an hour after eating it was only 118, which isn't bad. I still need to check it in the morning after I've fasted for at least eight hours.

Aside: I had to prick three different fingers before I figured out how to put the blood on the strip correctly and make the tester work, which, OW. I don't have a device for the lancets, either, so I just had to stab my fingers by hand. I will say that it absolutely sucked, and it gave me a little extra incentive to never let myself become diabetic.

I'm writing down all of the results, and I'll check it again after I've lost another ten pounds or so to see if it's improving. I expect it will. I'm not too worried. The fact that the same diet essentially cured Matt of diabetes is definitely encouraging. I just wish I could hurry up and get over these cramps and nausea so I can get back to working out regularly.


Robrosebeth said...

I know that you have spoken to your doctor about blood clotting disorders and that you don't have any, but...  You might want to ask if it is safe to try out a daily Baby Aspirin; it might help with the cramps in your period.  The first period I had after starting my daily aspirin regimen was heavenly (well, you know, as heavenly as a menstrual cycle can be) compared to the misery-inducing cramps and heavy bleeding I had my whole fertile life.  My bleeding slowed down and the "heavy flow" days were gone!  It was like being given a whole new life!

Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks for the info, Beth. I've been thinking about adding a baby aspirin regimen anyway, since apparently all this stuff puts me at a slightly greater risk for heart disease (...man, getting older is fun), but that's definitely an added incentive.

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