He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. —Psalm 113:9

November 16, 2010


I'm gradually climbing out from under a mountain of work. I let myself get overbooked these last few weeks, a situation I try really hard to avoid because it wreaks havoc with my work/life balance, and hence with my energy levels, my health and my overall mood. But sometimes when my clients all send me work at once I have a hard time telling some of them, "I can't do that this week," and think that I can somehow magically pull extra time out of my butt, and I end up right where I am now. Add to that trying to keep up my NaNo count and this business with my in-laws, and what you have here is a frazzled, weepy Jean who suddenly can't stop coughing.

I'm trying once again to get all of my client work done in the first half of the week so I can devote the second half to writing and family and saving my sanity. But I've hit a lull where all of my projects are on hold while I wait for feedback, so I'm using it to catch up on my writing. And I'm using the break from writing to blog. I thought about blogging a rant about our nation's health care system and how people like my in-laws tend to get screwed over by it, but I like to avoid political rants and debates on my blog (and just in general), so instead here's a Daily Show expose on anti-puppy mill legislation, because it's just like health care reform, OBVIOUSLY (snagged from Dooce).

I wish I could sick Cesar Milan on the jerks that made it so stepdad-in-law couldn't afford his meds and now has to rely on hospital welfare just to stay alive.

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