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April 25, 2011

Write On

I put the Inkygirl 250 Words a Day Challenge badge back up in the sidebar, because I'm finally ready to get back to it, and there's no reason on this earth why I can't make enough time each day to get down just 250 more words. And under the badge I put my cover mockup for Dominion of the Damned, because that's what I'm currently working on.

Remember way back in November when I said I signed up for Holly Lisle's Plot Outline Mini-course? Well, I signed up, but I never got around to taking it. So I pulled it up this weekend and spent most of the last two days going through it and re-working the plot for DotD, and now I'm ready to get my writin' on. And today I wrote 388 words of opening scene, so I'm already ahead of the low, low curve I set for myself.

And it feels awesome.

What's less awesome is the fact that a writer who's spent two days holed up hatching a new plot quickly devolves into something entirely less than photogenic (or smell-ogenic, for that matter), which is why my 365 project has faltered at only day 15. I'll most likely pick it back up tomorrow.

Yay writing new fiction!


David Michael said...

Sounds like good stuff all around. You go! =)


Jean Bauhaus said...

Thanks, David!

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